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Steam-Grilled BBQ Chicken Breasts

Do you like grilled chicken breasts, but they always come out dry? Well, today I am going to show you a different way to cook a tasty, healthy, tender bbq chicken breasts. I got my hands on the new Tatung Fusion Cooker and this recipe was a huge hit. Even my 3-year-old liked it.


  • 2 Chicken Breasts
  • 1 cup BBQ Sause
  • salt and black pepper


1. Cut each chicken breast into 3 strips.

2. Put the 6 chicken breast strips into a dish and add the BBQ sauce. I am using the Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce, but you can use other. I like this one, because it gives the chicken this sweet, but spicy smoked bbq flavor. If one cup is not enough, add more.

3. Let the chicken marinate in the BBQ sauce for at least an hour in the fridge. If you have time, leave it for up to 3hrs.

To cook the chicken breasts, I am using the new Tatung Fusion Cooker. It stem-grill the chicken and ensures all the flavor and moisture stays inside the meat. No more dry chicken breasts here 🙂

4. Put water on the heating water column, then select Grilling mode at 340F.

5. Once the water starts to boil, pit 3 of the chicken strips on the grilling pan. Put the metal lid on so the steam stays inside.

6. Grill for 6min, then turn and grill for another 5min.

7. Serve while still hot.

8. Enjoy 🙂

Cooking with the new Tatung Fusion Cooker is really easy. You can Grill, make Soups, Steam and even Bake deserts.

I am still exploring all the different dishes that can be cooked in it, but so far I am happy with it.

Pros: all-in-one cooking gadget, easy to cook, easy to clean, the food comes out really tasty, healthy

Cons: a little hard to use the first time. I wasn’t sure if I assembled it correctly (there was no clicking sound), I was not sure if it reached the desired temperature for Grilling (didn’t have a beeping sound), but this is my first time using it, so I am sure I will get the hang of it.

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